Specializing in oncology cosmetics

How to assist the cancer patient in preventing and resolving skin side effects from cancer therapy.

Course in Oncology Cosmetic

Practical help in the Pharmacy

Course in Oncology Cosmetic

Practical help in the Pharmacy

Very often cancer patients are greatly affected by the collateral damage of the therapies necessary for the treatment of malignancies, both from a physical and psychological point of view.

Here, the Course in Oncology Cosmetic for Pharmacists aims to train and inform Pharmacists about the most common skin disorders in cancer therapy, dermatitis, folliculitis, and skin rashes) and the possibilities for their management.

The online course in oncology cosmetic

A high-quality training of 5 + 1 modules at a special price of € 499 € 399

Online Course in oncology cosmetic
Higher education in e-learning for pharmacists

Become a consultant pharmacist with an online advanced training course in oncology cosmetic. Knowing is the first step in helping the cancer patient with competence and sensitivity.

100% on demand

The classes are all online, in a convenient e-learning version.

Unlimited access

You will be able to access the course 24 hours a day, from any device.

Guaranteed quality

The lecturers are all professionals and renowned oncologists and cosmetologists.

Final Certificate

Pass the final test and receive a certificate of attendance.

What It's for

An extra gear for your Pharmacy

To whom the course is addressed

The Online Advanced Training Course in Oncology Cosmetic Online is for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Owners, Nurses, OSS and Pharmacy Specialty Cosmetic Workers.

The objectives of the course

Know how to recognize the skin consequences caused by cancer therapies, recommend the most suitable products, and support the patient during treatment.


What is included in the course




4 hours of lectures in


Unlimited access and from
any device


5 modules + 1 free with
downloadable material


Final test of

During the classes you will learn

Choose the online Course in Oncology Cosmetic to offer patients new balance and well-being

Cosmetology Applied to Oncology Cosmetic

Psycho-oncology: knowing and approaching the cancer patient

Neoplasms, treatments, and mention of skin side effects

Dermo oncology: skin side effects from cancer therapies

Oncology Nutrition

Oncos oncology cosmetics: formulation, preservative system, active materials and fields of application

The Team

The teachers you will come into contact with

Dr. Federica Andreis


Dr. Francesca Persico

Biologist Nutritionist

Dr. Carmela Pappalardo

Formulator, Cosmetic Safety Manager

Dr. Elisa Puma


Stephen Bugliaro

Cosmetic formulator

The course in cosmetic oncology

An extra gear for the
your business

5 modules + 1 free, 4 hours of online classes with unlimited access, training with experienced professionals in oncology-psychologists, cosmetology and oncology nutrition, testing and certificate of attendance.

€ 499

€ 399

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