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How to take care of the skin before, during and after treatments



With this small guide, our Roberta, will help you take care of your skin before, during and after treatments and teach you how to recognize the substances contained in most beauty and hygiene products available on the market.

Start taking care of the skin on your face 30-10 days before the start of radiation therapy.
Morning and evening, remember to cleanse your skin with Oncos soothing and calming facial cleanser. Then apply a nourishing cream, such as Oncos face cream, to combat the itching sensation. This cream is a powerful soothing and calming agent with skin barrier restructuring actives. After applying the cream, remember to protect it with a protective SPF 50+, which is effective against UVA and UVB rays.

These are the steps we recommend that you start at least 10-30 days before therapy begins.

Use a soothing and calming shampoo such as Oncos gentle shower shampoo. Once you have finished showering, always remember to apply an emollient and elasticizing cream such as Oncos body cream. Should your skin be particularly dry, I recommend the use of emollient dry oil. Finally, remember to always apply SPF 50+ photoprotection against UVA and UVB rays. To take care, however, of your hands, feet and nails, we recommend that you use the hand, foot and nail restorative cream throughout the treatment.

Apply Oncos specific products twice a day vigorously, bringing them to complete absorption. For the duration of the chemotherapy cycle, the use of Salvaven Cream is recommended. Apply it to both hands and wrists, where the infusion cannula is usually placed, to prevent possible damage and alleviate that caused by the therapy, so as to treat the treated hand and prepare the other hand for the next treatment. The cream should be applied for the entire time of the treatment, possibly you can put on a good layer at night and make a light compress to allow the cream to be absorbed slowly.

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With this small guide, we will offer support for taking care of your skin during treatments and help you recognize the substances contained in most beauty and hygiene products available on the market.