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Chemotherapy effects on skin: tips and remedies

The effects of chemotherapy on the skin can be many, which is why skin care during cancer therapies becomes a necessity. Chemotherapy, as well as radiotherapy, can bring many skin manifestations such as xerosis, fibrosis, scaling, radiodermatitis, and in severe cases also burns, ulcerations, telangiectasias, changes in pigmentation, and alopecia.

What is certain and also very common is that one of the effects of chemotherapy on the skin is the fact that the skin becomes extremely sensitive and changes its needs drastically.


What are the effects of chemotherapy on the skin?

When one undergoes chemotherapy specifically, the skin is no longer as intact as before and therefore cannot perform its protective function from all the external agents that go to affect the skin’s well-being. This is because among the effects of chemotherapy on the skin we find the weakening of the hydrolipid barrier.

Skin dehydration is also not an effect to be underestimated, the most advanced state being xerosis, which is very common among patients undergoing cancer treatment. The skin becomes increasingly dry with the formation of splits that can then lead to many infections.

That is why, it is very important at this stage to give a lot of importance to your skin and take care of it as much as possible.


Tips and remedies against the effects of chemotherapy on the skin

To prevent the most common effects of chemotherapy on the skin, such as: itching, dryness, folliculitis, rash, and in severe cases even psoriasis and vitiligo, it is essential to keep the skin’s biochemical parameters in order by protecting its balance.

The first thing to do is definitely to consult your doctor or pharmacist to find out what is the correct course of action. It is essential to care for one’s skin throughout the chemotherapy period, preparing it before, during and after. This will also shorten the recovery time.

The second thing is to find the right line of oncology cosmetics that can be used throughout the course of treatment. The Oncos oncology cosmetic line is formulated with emollient and soothing ingredients, suitable for dermocosmetic intervention for delicate and sensitive skin with the aim of reducing symptoms such as dehydration and irritation, caused by cancer treatment, by restoring the stratum corneum of the skin.

The third very important third to do is to follow a proper balanced diet, accompanied and followed by a specialist.