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Creams for cancer patients: discover the Oncos line

Choosing creams, for cancer patients, is of paramount importance to take proper care of their skin. In fact, treatments can cause various damages and injuries to the epidermis. This triggers issues such as skin dryness, dull complexion, inflammation, dermatitis or even skin rash.


Creams for cancer patients: how to choose them?

When going through treatment, a specific beauty routine must be followed. The watchwords are: cleanse, moisturize and soothe!

Step one: cleansing

Gentle cleansing products that contain nonaggressive, low-foaming principles should be the choice. This is for the preservation of the hydrolipid film. For the face, for example, you can use Moisturizing Facial Cleanser, a gentle emulsion that contains a mix of vitamins with brightening, protective and moisturizing actions. Thanks to the active ingredient derived from Sichuan Pepper, it fights the annoying itchy feeling. Rich in valuable vegetable oils, it has a strong emollient action.

Second step: hydration

Hydrates, hydrates and more hydrates! Nourishes the skin to counteract dryness, itching and inflammation. Choose products with moisturizing and nourishing properties that can restore the skin’s water balance. You can choose, for example, Oncos Body Oil, a light-textured oil perfect for soothing and softening the skin. Rich in Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Rice and Avocado Oil and Sichuan Pepper this oil is perfect for keeping skin as soft as a baby’s!

Step three: soothe

Therapies can experience different redness, so you should always include a product in your beauty routine that can thoroughly and deeply soothe the skin. Salvaven Oncos Cream is an experimental product formulated in collaboration with the oncology department to moisturize, protect, and maintain intact skin and underlying veins in areas subject to and high stress. Its high mix of specific active ingredients can help and safeguard the skin and dermis, promoting the regenerative process and restoring tissue elasticity and tone.


Creams for cancer patients: how to apply Oncos creams?

Phase 1: before and during therapy

We recommend applying Oncos products twice a day, massaging them in until fully absorbed. Throughout the treatment, use Salvaven Cream: apply it to both hands and wrists to avoid possible damage caused by the infusion cannula, so that one hand is treated and the other is prepared for the next treatment.

Phase 2: after the cycle

During the morning, evening and daytime you can use Shower Shampoo and then apply Restorative Hand, Foot and Nail Cream. During the day, however, use Oncos Oil, even several times for perfect cleansing!