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Dermatitis and chemotherapy: 4 practical tips

Dermatitis and chemotherapy, an issue that affects the skin during chemo. It often presents as irritation, itching, scaling and dryness.

This condition is very common and it is normal for your skin stressed by cancer therapies to present irritation, itch or appear dry and cracked.

This reaction may be more or less intense and may appear at different stages of ongoing cancer therapy.

Chemotherapy dermatitis starts as a simple dry skin sensation that, often, is underestimated because it cannot be directly linked to cancer therapies.


Here are 3 practical tips for taking care of chemotherapy dermatitis:

  • Before starting cancer therapy, prepare the skin for treatment by softening and moisturizing it daily. We recommend using the Emollient Body Cream, Moisturizing Face Cream and Protective Dry Oil;
  • Should you be exposed to the sun, always wear a hat and comfortable, opaque clothes to protect you from the sun’s rays. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight if possible;
  • When you feel the itching sensation, massage your skin with Emollient Body Cream to moisturize it immediately. Our emollient body cream is specially designed to deeply moisturize the skin even and especially for cancer patients;
  • Always shave face and body with an electric razor. Avoid razor blades, this way you can reduce the risk of abrations or cuts.
    Chemotherapy dermatitis is therefore controllable with proper care and Oncos products!