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Oncology cosmetics: which ones to choose?

Oncology cosmetics are the first step to feeling good about yourself. When embarking on the path of illness and all that it entails: cures, treatments, therapies, it is very important to take care of oneself, through mind, body and soul. How to do it? Surrendering to the things you most love to do, or simply being with the people who make you feel good and steal your smile even if only for a few hours. Trying new make-up can also be a way to think about something else.

The most important thing to take into account is YOU. Taking care of one’s skin-before, during and after treatments-is also important. This way you prepare it for treatments and help it to self-heal immediately afterwards.


Oncology cosmetics before starting therapy

Before starting treatment, it is good practice for the health of your skin to find the right skincare routine to enrich and nourish your skin, through oncology cosmetics. Your skin will become much drier during treatment, so always prefer products that are gentle or for sensitive skin. We recommend that you use a moisturizing product. For example, Oncos moisturizing face cream: protects, soothes and improves the overall condition of facial skin.


Oncology cosmetics during therapy

During treatment you may experience many changes in your skin, hair, and nails. You may have concerns and questions with respect to your skincare routine, but also for your personal hygiene. This is why it is best to prefer certified oncology cosmetics. Now is the right time to take care of yourself, do it with a restorative hand, foot and nail cream from Oncos, it maintains an optimal state of hydration and nourishment. Applies a gentle shower shampoo designed to cleanse the skin while respecting the skin’s natural pH and the balance of the skin’s hydrolipid mantle.


Oncology cosmetics after therapy

Finally, once treatments are over, it is important to continue taking care of yourself and your skin. This was also the case in the following weeks and months. Although the most difficult phase of cancer treatments is over, it is essential to continue the skincare routine adopted before and during therapy. Apply an emollient body cream up to six times a day. This is an oncology cosmetic that is also excellent for relaxing and revitalizing massages.