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Products to help skin regeneration during chemotherapy: which ones to choose?

During the course of chemotherapy, the health of the skin can be challenged. It is essential to use specific products to regenerate and protect your skin during this delicate period. Below you will find helpful tips on which products to choose to best care for your skin stressed by cancer therapies.


Guide to choosing products to *regenerate skin during chemotherapy


1. Rich and nourishing moisturizers:

Cancer therapies can cause dryness and dehydration of the skin. Opt for moisturizers rich in nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, or hyaluronic acid. These help restore hydration and keep skin soft and supple. Oncos Emollient Body Cream is formulated to moisturize, protect, soothe and improve the overall condition of the skin, also excellent for relaxing and revitalizing massages.


2. Soothing balms for lips and hands:

Lips and hands can become especially dry during chemotherapy. Choose soothing balms made with cocoa butter, almond oil or aloe vera to nourish and protect these sensitive areas. anbsp;

Oncos Hand, Foot and Nail Cream is great to use every day as a restructuring treatment. The formula absorbs quickly and gives hands prolonged hydration.


3. Calming scalp gels and creams:

If chemotherapy causes hair loss or scalp irritation, use specific gels or creams to soothe and moisturize scalp skin. Products with aloe vera or chamomile extracts can be especially effective.

Products with aloe vera or chamomile extracts can be particularly effective. Dry oil
protective Oncos
 is ideal for softening and soothing the skin and hydrates without being greasy. It has a soothing and calming action, intensely nourishes the skin and reduces skin flaking. It is also indicated for itching and burning of the scalp in the absence of hair or with fuzz.


4. Mild detergents without sulphates:

Avoid harsh cleansers that can further irritate sensitized skin. Opt for cleansers without sulphates and formulated with natural soothing ingredients such as the gentle facial cleanser for sensitive skin Oncos.


5. Suitable sunscreen:

Even if you are not directly exposed to the sun, it is important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays during chemotherapy. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen with high SPF to protect sensitized skin.

Remember to always consult your pharmacist or doctor before using new products during chemotherapy, especially if you are prone to skin reactions or have specific dermatological needs.

At Oncos, we understand the challenges patients face during chemotherapy and have developed a line of dermocosmetic products specially formulated to provide relief and regenerate the skin during this time. We are here to support you in caring for your delicate skin with safe and effective solutions.

For more information about our products and personalized recommendations, please feel free to contact us or visit your local pharmacy.