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Radiotherapy and cream: how to choose the right one

Radiation therapy often causes many side effects. These include those that occur on the skin, such as: dryness, itching, blistering or peeling. In severe cases, even burns and ulceration.
Skin changes are also due to taking anticancer drugs, interfering with the complexion and fueling the breakout of skin spots. That is why, a cancer patient’s skin needs constant care and attention.


Integrating cosmetics into one’s cancer therapy

The main goal of dermocosmetic therapy for delicate skin under continuous stress is to reduce possible side effects, including dehydration and irritation. How? Through constant application of products formulated with emollient and soothing ingredients.

In this way, the skin will be more intact and will be able to provide more protection, perfectly exerting its barrier function against external agents. This is by no means something to be underestimated, considering that the skin loses its original protective capacity during treatments.

To prevent and treat the side effects of radiation therapy on the skin, it is important to follow a daily beauty routine. This includes:

  • Gentle cleansing: gently cleansing the skin is very important at this stage. It is advisable to use products with mild surfactants and gentle detergents rather than regular soaps;
  • Hydration and nourishment: it is very important to use cosmetics with strong moisturizing and nourishing properties, allowing more hydration thus restoring water balance;
  • Products with natural active ingredients: it is preferable not to use scented soaps and powders, deodorants or perfumes to prevent skin inflammation from increasing.
  • Limit sun exposure: constantly protect your skin from the sun through the use of high factor sunscreens.

Which cream to choose during radiotherapy

According to a study carried out by researchers theU.O.C.of Oncology of ASST Bergamo East found that the impact of using products from the Oncos Dermocosmetics line has in reducing side effects on the skin is extraordinary! The use of the specific cosmetic product, leads women to have less pain and discomfort. That is why attention should be paid to the ingredients that are good to favor.

For the oil phase, vegetable oils high in polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as:

  • rice oil;
  • argan oil;
  • unsaponifiable of olive oil;
  • shea butter.

It is good not to miss molecules that can soothe itching, such as the extract of Zanthoxylum Bungeanum, Sichuan Pepper contained in Oncos emollient body cream.