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Tomotherapy side effects and advice

Tomotherapy-for those who do not know-is a type of radiation therapy used to fight tumors or to mitigate them. It is defined as a modern technique of external beam radiotherapy.

Tomotherapy allowsgreater efficacy by irradiating the tumor. This allows for one-time intervention in one session, hitting the tumor multiple times and with more effective doses.


What is the difference with traditional radiotherapy?

Compared with radiotherapy, tomotherapy allows more selective irradiation of the tumor. This is done to spare the surrounding healthy tissues. Tomotherapy is particularly suitable for treating tumors near important and delicate organs such as head, neck, pancreas, central nervous system etc., thus surgeries that require a lot of precision, but also require high concentrated doses.


Advice on how to approach tomotherapy

During tomotherapy, it is very important that the patient be immobilized. This is a painless examination, however, it is advisable for the patient to remain still so that the area to be treated is as previously determined.

Sometimes many patients experience claustrophobia during tomotherapy, so it is recommended that they do not fidget, breathe quietly and distract themselves by thinking about something else.

After finishing with the therapy, it is advisable to return home and follow adequate rest before tackling the usual daily chores.

In addition, it is advisable to use for the care of one’s skin, oncology cosmetics: before, during and after therapy. In this way, the skin will already be prepared for tomotherapy and efforts will be made to limit side effects as much as possible.


Side effects of tomotherapy

The side effects caused by tomotherapy, in general, are very similar to those of normal radiotherapy. It should always be said, however, that these are subjective and therefore vary from patient to patient.

Skin dehydration can be a very common side effect. In fact é is very important to take care of one’s skin even before starting treatment.