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Breast radiation therapy consequences

Radiation therapy uses very strong, high-energy radiation with the goal of destroying or slowing down cancer cells while at the same time not causing damage to healthy tissue. Breast radiotherapy consequences: in the case of breast cancer, radiotherapy is much more common, because it is carried out with the intention of eliminating any “remnants” of cancer cells post-surgery.

When does it happen that breast radiotherapy is essential to be given more frequently? When the breast has not been removed and the patient is less than 65 years old. In contrast, it does not become essential when the breast, during the operation is completely removed. Or if the patient is elderly, with attached heart problems.

The most common modalities of breast radiotherapy are: external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy and intraoperative radiotherapy.


Breast radiation therapy consequences and side effects:

Radiation therapy in itself, as we saw earlier, causes many side effects on the skin, which we then divided into long-term and short-term side effects.

As for breast radiotherapy, it can cause redness and oozing of the skin, accompanied by nausea and fatigue. These are short-term side effects, which tend to gradually disappear after treatment ends. In this house it is advisable to take great care of the skin of the treated area. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist about what is preferable to use. However, we do not recommend the use of scented soaps, creams or deodorants, which may contribute to further irritation of the skin.

In this case to your rescue are products from the Oncos line, designed specifically to treat skin undergoing cycles of radiation and chemo therapies.

Long-term side effects of breast radiotherapy

Radiation therapy to the breast has long-term consequences. In some cases, depending on the state of the tumor, breast radiation therapy may cause some capillaries to rupture. This causes small red spots to appear on the skin that remain persistent over time.

Long-term side effects of breast radiotherapy also include neuralgia, tingling, weakness, shortness of breath, and poor limb sensitivity. Fortunately, these are rarer effects.