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Radiotherapy cycles side effects on the skin

Radiotherapy side effects on the skin, cancer therapies can have several side effects. As we have also pointed out several times previously, radiation therapy is a treatment that is used to eliminate or slow down cancer cells. In itself it is a painless procedure, however, the side effects it causes are many. Preventing them is difficult, but the best thing you can do is to counteract them, through ad hoc treatments and products.

Radiotherapy cycles are different, varying according to the patient, the type of tumor, and the location of the disease, so a specific treatment plan is drawn up.

Radiotherapy: side effects on the skin

Radiation therapy goes to attack mainly the diseased cells, but it is not limited to just those, because an entire area is circumscribed that many times goes to healthy cells as well. This is what the side effects are due to, especially the side effects on the skin. These are mainly inflammations of the skin. Skin reactions occur in 90% of cases during and after radiation therapy.

Side effects are very subjective, however; in fact, everyone reacts differently to the treatment, which for some is a source of mild or negligible reactions, while others struggle with more aggressive reactions.

The skin undergoing radiation therapy is thinner, weaker and reddened. It also becomes dry and flaky, a condition known as xerosis. Or blisters and ulcers, a sign of radiodermatitis, an inflammation of the skin due to the action of radiation therapy.

In such cases, a body cream should be applied to the skin before, during and after radiotherapy.

What NOT to do in case of skin side effects from radiation therapy

  • DO NOT scratch the area that is itchy, you may generate further lesions leading then to skin infections.
  • DO NOT apply patches to blisters or ulcers, it may prevent the skin from breathing and regenerating properly. Always ask your doctor for advice on how to treat them.
  • DO NOT wash with water thttps://oncos.com/prodotti/shampoo-doccia-delicato/roppo cold or too hot, room temperature is idealhttps://oncos.com/prodotti/shampoo-doccia-delicato/.
  • DO NOT use harsh products for washing, always choose products that respect the skin’s natural pH and the balance of the skin’s hydrolipid mantle, such as Oncos gentle shower shampoo.