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Chemotherapy and sunshine: 4 practical tips

Chemotherapy and sunshine: is it a possible combination? Yes, with proper arrangements!

With the arrival of summer and hot weather, side effects from cancer therapy can become more acute. These are accompanied by states of nausea, anemia, and weakness.

In addition, some drugs used for chemotherapy, have photosensitizing effects. Exposure to the sun could cause major sunburns, skin spots, and skin damage.


But how to juxtapose chemotherapy and sunshine? Here are 4 practical tips:

Try to go to the beach, lake or mountains at least 10 to 12 days after your last session to give your body time to get rid of some of the side effects.

Do not expose yourself to the sun from 11 am to 5 pm. Cover your head and eyes with hats and goggles and use extremely high sunscreen and apply it every half hour.
Standing still on the lizard effect deckchair? No! Try to stay in motion as much as possible so that your circulation is always going!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, both inside and out! Drink plenty of water and apply extremely moisturizing creams such as Emollient Body Cream or Protective Dry Oil to your skin.

As you can see, the combo of chemotherapy and sunshine is not impossible if you take the right steps! Vacations, are not forbidden for those who are going through this journey, however, we recommend that you always choose destinations in Italy and make contact with the cancer center or a local oncologist with respect to your destination. Also, always remember to talk to your primary care physician first and have all your documentation with you during your trip!