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Post radiotherapy cream: how to take care of the skin

Skin care is essential during treatments, but also afterwards; in fact, a postradiation cream should always be applied, as skin side effects can sometimes be debilitating and could affect the patient’s quality of life. Skin changes change the natural structure of the skin; in fact, in addition to being weaker, it may have: spots, blisters, itching, redness, peeling etc.

We always recommend a course of cosmetic treatments before, during, and after radiation therapy.

Finding the right cream to treat your body is not easy, just have however, the right shrewdness to always read the labels well and rely on your doctor or pharmacist.


Which cream to choose for post-radiotherapy?

A relaxing beauty treatment, a specific cream for sensitive skin are a panacea not only for the body but also for the state of mind. Helped you and support you to still feel part of “normalcy.” This is also why the Oncos cosmetic line was created, the products formulated to restore and protect damaged skin for cancer patients.

To relieve the skin and help it regenerate, it is recommended to choose creams rich in:

  • Shea butter;
  • Jojoba oil;
  • Sichuan pepper ;
  • Vitamin E;
  • Sweet Almond and Rice oils;
  • Green tea and lemon balm extract;
  • Hyaluronic Acid;
  • Plant Keratin;
  • Lactoferrin;
  • Oat extract;
  • Glycerin and Panthenol;

… and many more! That’s why the first tip for choosing post radiation cream is to always read the labels and pay attention to what the product contains.


An ONCOS product for post-radiotherapy skin care

Protective dry oil is designed and formulated at the request of many cancer departments to protect and maintain the affected area healthy. It helps to prevent and shockingly resolve radiation burns on the whole body area. Its oily but dry texture leaves the skin extremely soft and moisturized over time without feeling greasy.

It is advisable to use it even before the start of radiotherapy, during and especially post-treatment. Apply it up to 6 times a day, just enough to cover the area to be treated.

Massage gently and leave on for 10 minutes. This is a product that you can combine with body cream in more extreme cases.